Slow processing time

Lightburn is taking 3 minutes to send a file to the laser and its all over the place as an engraving, RDworks is working fine iv used LB since its launch with no issues iv uninstalled it and reinstalled still the same. anyone had this problem

What are the settings used? If you were doing a fill and had the interval set to 0.01 instead of 0.1, for example, it would take a long time.

Make sure you don’t have ramp effect turned on.

What did I do? Suddenly “Start” is taking an exceptionally long time (to start)

This almost always means you have chosen an extremely high DPI setting and are choking the controller, so it’s skipping while trying to receive and run the file at the same time.

“RDworks is working fine” - Did you send identical data through it? By that, I mean the exact same file, with the same interval, DPI, power, speed, etc? If not, this is a lot like saying “my car won’t start, but my wife’s car is fine.”

Show the settings you used for the layer and we’ll likely spot something.

It’s also worth saying that LightBurn stores all your settings “off to the side” so they aren’t affected by upgrading, installing, etc. Uninstalling and re-installing the application doesn’t really do anything.

I had a similar issue, and i believe it is a disconnection error in my case. As soon as the laser draws power I get an audible disconnect from my pc. Since i was processing a photo with higher DPI than my normal work i don’t think that the file got a chance to completely upload before the laser disconnected. This caused the file to look like it was uploading very slow, but the end result is that the laser skipped around not knowing exactly what to do. It ultimately ended up stopping mid job as well. You can upload the file to the controller first, and then try to press start from your machines controller. Thats what I had to do.

Ramp got turned on that was the problem, im not sure how it got turned on

The next release adds a blurb in the progress bar to show rasterizing progress, which should help to spot this in the future.

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