Slow response in lightburn when creating project

Good afternoon! Yesterday while working on a file my lightburn began to respond really really slowly to the point I just gave up and closed it out. I restarted my computer and completed some required updates to it but it’s still doing the same thing today. I have not done a recent update so I’m currently running on 1.1.03, showing my updates expired 4/2/22 which I don’t think should be correct as I received my Omtech in May 2022 and upgraded to the bigger license required then. Until yesterday I’ve had no other software issues. I didn’t know if it was due to my laptop (windows 10) or if I just needed to pay the little bit to update my license and get the updates to the software. I haven’t done alot in the time I’ve had my machine but plan to do alot more in 2024… Thanks for all recommendations!

Is Lightburn only program slowing?
You may need to clean up your computer, excess temp. files, history, malware, virus can all slow your computer down.

It seema to just be lightburn. Ill check a few more programs and see if I notice any slowdowns later today.

How large of project are you working on? You may be hitting a memory full issue causing the computer to dump memory to your hard drive.

If the problem persists, you can turn down the display quality of your workspace.

Another issue that coudl be related is, wrong scaling.
mm sizes in Inches scale
Woudl make machine struggle a tad