Sluggist responce to input

My laptop pc is running windows 11 and LightBurn 1.4.05 and noticed that after loading several items to the Art Library that the program is sluggish to input response and dragging items with the mouse.
Can having a lot of items in your art library cause this or should I look elsewhere. I can not think of any other changes that I have made to the laptop or upgrades. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

Unlikely but easily tested. Try unloading all libraries and check to see if symptoms persist. If they do, then the problem lies elsewhere.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will check that.
Again have a Happy and blessed New Year.

Sluggish response is usually caused by insufficient memory for the task being executed, how much memory do you have and how complex is the project ?

Thank you for the response. I thank the problem was to many programs in background running at the same time and two many art files. Have a blessed New Year.

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