Small Bug Frame

LightBurn 1.0.04, built Sat 2021-10-02 @ 15:40

Hay guys, I found some behavior that is inconsistent. The Frame cut boundary and the Frame Rubber Band Boundary are not responding the same to the tool layer. The rubber band boundary goes all the way round objects on the tool layer. The cut boundary seems to be working as expected.

Not earth shattering, but if you could show it some love, that would be AWESOME!

Oh, how difficult would it be to add the system spell checker to the text function? As in getting a little red squiggly line when I do a typo. It would have saved me MANY re-burns…

Thanks for the awesome software and for the LightBridge! That thing is amazing.

The frame bug was caught and fixed yesterday or the day before, and will be in the next release.

You can vote for the spell check feature by clicking the up-arrow here:
Having a simple spell check in Lightburn would be very nice · LightBurn

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