Small bug with decimal separator

I live in a part of the world that uses comma as decimal separator, which means my computer is set to use that as well. Parts of Lightburn (for example layer settings) respects that, parts doesn’t (for example toolbar).

I’m pretty used to software doing period as decimal separator (I’m a programmer…), but mixing them is bad. In my case, it caused me to accidentally set 1 as kerf, instead of 0.1, which made a large bunch of square holes a tiny bit too small.

My slightly unorthodox suggestion, which I use in my programs, is to simply add a text replace when I pull the value from the text box, so that it accepts both as a valid separator, regardless of settings.

Some controls in LightBurn use the OS-level controls, and those will support the locale settings. Others, like the top toolbar, are hand-coded, and probably need to be extended to support the comma as well. I can make the hand-coded ones work this way.

I’m surprised the kerf setting didn’t accept the comma - that’s an OS-level one, so should work with the comma (unless you’re saying you accidentally hit the decimal point and it didn’t accept it, which I could see happening)

I used a period, because I had used that in the toolbar, so I just assumed that was how it worked throughout.