Small egraving text not crisp and clear

Hi Guys,

I have been lasering for a few months and I can’t seem to find a solution to engraving small texts crisp and clear. I have tried multiple speeds, power, material sizes and intervals. But when it comes to small text it’s just not as acurate as I hoped. The image on the link was with a speed of 3000 mm/m with 75% power and 0.1 mm interval. However the ‘CUSTOM DESIGN’ text was 300 mm/m with 15% power and 0.1 mm interval. I’m using a 5.5W diode laser for this piece. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

Most likely, the Scanning Offset Adjustment will crisp the edges:

Make measurements from traces made in paper using a large interval between the scan lines so they’re easily visible. Enter half the measured offset in the table for a variety of speeds, enable the adjustment, and watch what happens.

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