Small image framing too large to run

I am trying to frame a small image to set up for engraving, but Lighburn pops up and says image is too large and will run out of bounds. My image is 6 in x 6 in. Whats wrong???

What does your Preview look like? Make sure you enable “Show traversal moves”.

What’s likely happening is that with overscan setting and the position of the image on the workspace that the laser path would take your laser head beyond the bounds of the laser.

This is actually quite common. In Lightburn, on your keypad, press and hold the CTRL (or CMD) key and tap the letter A to select all. It is likely there is an anomaly of a previous graphic somewhere on the screen. By selecting all, you will see the boundary of the selection box and know where to look for it.

Once you have an idea, drag your mouse from left to right in that area to find the anomaly and delete it.

As suggested above, you can also preview with traversal moves turned on to see where the anomaly is located on the work area.


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