Small Non Cut Areas

I noticed on a recent project I had small areas that did not cut all the way through. I had done a 1 by 1 inch test cut of this material with no issues. it almost seems like a stop and start point.

According to the ‘Machines’ section of your user profile, you have a Cam1Jim2 machine. I have no idea what that is.

If you can tell us what kind of machine you actually have we can probably help you, but without knowing that all you’ll get are wild guesses and gibberish. :slight_smile:

Laser is a Chinese 60 watt C02 Blue and White with a Ruida Controller.

Issue, cutting a project with curves and straight lines. The cut is not completing the end or start of said path. All vectors are closed, this was confirmed before sending to the laser.
I performed a 1 inch by 1 inch cube cut prior to running the project on the exact same piece of stock successfully, this cut had no issues.I moved the laser head 1.5 inches away from the test area and
I applied these settings to the project in question.

What laser settings do you use?
Your Min. Power is probably set too low…

If moving the head caused the power drop, you might need to align your mirrors - Try running a square a little smaller than the size of the bed on a piece of cardboard, with min and max power both set the same, but just high enough to make a mark. If the power isn’t even across the machine, you need to align.

If you didn’t set Min Power properly, as James suggests, that could also be the issue. You said “I applied these settings” - make sure that you copied both min power and max power. Min power is basically your cornering power, and if it’s too low, the laser will cut off completely when it stops for sharp corners.

I believe after some testing it was the wood, as I tried some other species same settings no problem.

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