Smoothie configuration

I’m using Smoothie, their site says: “Traditionally, Lasercutting software (like laserweb or visicut have learned to talk to Smoothie in it’s 3D printing mode.”

This begs the question - should Smoothie be configured for GRBL or 3D printing?.

My CNC uses bCNC (RPi) to drive Smoothie, and for that, I selected GRBL rather than their reprap dialect (3D printing).
Now, using a diode laser module, I’m going with LightBurn, but can’t find advice re which Smoothie dialect LightBurn is compatible with.

Can anyone help?

If you are using as a 3d printer then configure it that way. However, I’m guessing you do have the laser, so I think grbl is what you’re after.

There are some 3d operations that are used in other for other types of equipment such as milling machines. Most of these now use some type of grbl for control. So a configuration for 3d printing will probably be close to that of an engraver. You are using the same stepper motors and other ‘machine control’.

The lightburn software advises it’s for DSP and grbl controllers…

Is the forum. I know people use Lightburn with these controllers. Might want to pop over to that area and see…


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Thanks for the quick reply Jack. It’s a work in progress… Happy New Year!

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