Smoothie firmware update for my cohesion 3d mini, enable smoothie clustering not working correctly?

Hey laser friends, firstly i’d like to say what a update this has been only seen today and didnt want to go to GRBL as i haven’t a clue on how to.

I downloaded the firmware all was good, rastering at much faster speeds, but the end result was crap, turned off smoothie clustering an my image scan came out as expected, any ideas to what this could be?

I’m non to worried as its working great without the clustering, just strange so i thought I’d post.

-k40 expanded bed, running cohesion 3d mini (got the 2 male pin next to Ethernet) lightburn 0.9.06

What speeds, and can you post an image of the result? “Result was crap” could mean anything - was it covered with stray lines, blurry, dim, or something else? Specifics will help us help you. :slight_smile:

Hey Oz, raster speeds 350mm 270dpi, I don’t believe it’s going that fast but I’m yet to test all that.

Please see attached photo,bottom part is with the cluster enabled and top part without the cluster toggled on. Both on slate ,bottom one on face side of slate top one on the bad side of slate just testing different things now I can go faster.

350 is going to be too fast (I think 250 to 275 mm/sec was the max at 254dpi in our tests). Having said that, it should just clamp the speed and work.

From the image you’ve posted, it looks like you don’t have the Smoothie clustering firmware on your board - the weird smeared lines are the giveaway. You have to download the Smoothie cluster firmware, and copy the .bin file to your SD card as “firmware.bin” (that part is important). If you missed the rename, the controller won’t use the new firmware. Could that be it?

The naming is already correct from the download repo and no renaming should take place.

Thanks for all your help Oz, its was a multi faceted problem, changed name, kept old firmware on disk an not to mention the biggest problem,… Oneself

Are get dialling it in tomorrow with the new speed…

Many thanks

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