Smoothieware Gcode

I have a trouble with driving Bigtreetech SKR v1.4 board with Smoothie firmware.
When lightburn send the gcode to the board machine not moves as expected.

How can I solve it ?

G1Y23 S0.5 F600
(in this case machine tries to go behind limit switches)
in real, machine move 46 mm

BR Tomas

If the machine moves 46mm instead of 23, it means that the steps per mm setting is incorrect for one or more of your axis. I assume you have installed the board yourself into a machine? You will need to configure step sizes, travel limits, acceleration, speed, etc.

steps are correct,
when try to burn straight line, dimmensions are exactly as drawing in LB software.
but when try to burn reactangle i get shape like

In manual joging works normally but when recieve gcode seems ignore direction

see a video

issue found, i miss in config that PWM FAN pin has the same number as dir pin of X axis.
for this reason was dir ignored.

Hi Frenky
I have a Bigtreetech SKR v1.3 board with the same issues.
When i send a super simple Gcode then it works, but not directly from Lightburn.
My squars look exactly like yours :grinning:

Lightburn is not the problem.
I thought it was a config problem and my suspicion was correct if you solved your problem

I will check if your solution helps me too. :+1:

Gr Ernst
(PS sorry for my poor english, i’m dutch)

hope it will help, for sure check all config pins if are not duplicated.

BR Frenky

It was indeed the same problem.
I changement the other pin number and nog the motors workshop like a charm.
Great software Lightburn.
I am still in the trial time but I going to buy it.

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