Snap to grid still not working for me

I have read the posts on snap to grid, but still can’t get it to work. I use 1/8" plywood with 1/8" finger (box) joints for making small trays and drawer dividers. I have my grid set to 0.1250 (visual grid spacing and snap distance) and need to have all nodes snap to this grid. But no matter what I try, it does not snap when drawing lines or moving nodes. I have tried toggling Snap to Object and Snap to Grid, but nothing works. I use a PC with Windows 10. I feel I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions on how to get this to work will be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what I did but I think I have it working. I may have had the snap distance set too low. Is that the setting that determines how close you have to be to the grid for it to snap?

I’m not certain that I’m following you. Are you working in inches or mm? An eighth of an inch should show some snap behaviour but an eighth of a mm (roughly 5 thousandths of an inch) may feel like no snap at all.

Thanks for getting back to me John. I am using inches and not sure what I was doing wrong, but I do have it working now. It may have been related to the setting for Snap Distance. Since that is in pixels, I’m not quite sure how it is applied. Currently set at 100, which seems to work. Should that number be even larger if I always want it to snap to the nearest grid point, regardless of zoom level?

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