Snap to object by hovering

I saw a video from House of lasers. There he hold the cursor still over an object and the cursor changed shape to snap, and then he drag the object to the other he wanted to snap to. He uses a MAC and i a Window computer.
I dont have this function, is it MAC specific?
I have tried to turn snap to object on and of, nothing is changing. Snap to object is not working.
Ver. 0.9.11

Snapping behaviors

LightBurn will automatically align your selection to snapping points if you see the cursor change to a snap cursor before you click:

- The selection will snap to a point

- The selection will snap to the midpoint of a line

- The selection will snap to the center of an object

This dont hapens in my Lightburn

I have. But it is not working. Maybe have to reinstall…

Hi Ralph,

Its exactly like your settings. I Cant unerstand why.
I have tried deactivate, activate it. Changed snap distans, everything exept reinstall it.
It is a really good function, so i want it to work.

There have been a number of additions to the snapping for 0.9.12 release that Chris (House of Lasers) has, because he’s a beta test user, but the general snapping stuff was introduced in 0.9.10. If what yo’re trying to do in 0.9.11 isn’t working, it’s probably in 0.9.12.

Hi. so I have to go back to 0.9.10 to get this function or wait to 0.9.12. :thinking:

0.9.11 and 0.9.10 have identical snap features, so reverting won’t get you anything. You’ll have to wait for 0.9.12 I suspect.

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