Snap to objects not working

Hi, I’m relatively new to Lightburn/Lasers. For some reason my snap to objects is not working (snap to grid is). I tried searching here and the net but couldn’t find a discussion thread anywhere.

TIA - Craig

Please explain this in a bit more detail. What do you have set for snapping in the Settings window?

These are worth review and should be helpful, Creation Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

And, Tips and Tricks - LightBurn Software Documentation


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Yeah even my cursor does not change to crosshairs like that when I move to a corner.

can you show us with a little video?

Your ‘Object snap distance’ is only 0.1 pixel, mine is 10. I don’t know if that could cause the issue, but may be worth upping it and see if it works.

Thanks to your comment I now know how to do a video screen grab! Thanks! All solved though now, so no need

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Thanks, this was it! My crosshairs are there and it snaps now! Thank you!

glad to know that all works well :wink:

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This had me thinking, so tested with set to the same. While it is a bit more difficult to do with these settings, it does still change the cursor shape and snap to other snap points as expected. :slight_smile:

Maybe it just jarred something loose in the program for me…

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