Snapping Issues

I have changed grid spacing, snap distance, tolerances all to no avail. Using the settings in the screenshot, the rectangle tool snaps to the grid but the pencil tool will not snap. New Win11 laptop with 1920x1080 resolution. Is the pencil tool supposed to snap for the initial point of a line? Can anyone provide default settings that will always snap and how zoom level affects snapping? I have read all snapping topics and it appears others are having snapping issues as well. Thanks

Here I show snapping to grid at several zoom levels.

2023-04-16_11-07-39 (1)

Thank you for the video. I can sometimes get the initial pencil tool grid snap but it is significantly dependent on my zoom level. Subsequent points seem to grid snap more readily but the first one not so much.

I suffered from exactly the same snapping problems, I downloaded 1.4.00, and though there was no mention of a bug fix for this particular problem it seems to be fixed, at least for me. Thanks Lightburn.

I also had similar snapping issues, I changed the settings as in the above image and it’s now working good

Related snapping scenario… Since installing 1.4.00 I believe that I notice snapping behavior change as it concerns snapping a shape (open or closed) by dragging a corner or endpoint to another shape line where the target shape line also intersects a valid grid snapping point. The behavior change I’ve noticed is that only the object snap is respected, the coinciding grid snap point is not. The snap and distances/pixels settings that I’m using are exactly as @Rick shows in his post above. I don’t believe this occurred in previous versions because I have been using this method quite often and since 1.4 I’ve been missing my target ever so slightly, at first unknowingly but now I know to check for it. My workaround is to drop the dragged object on an adjacent grid snap point and then move it to the point I want on the target object line with the arrow nudge function. Is grid snapping broken in this scenario or working as designed ?

update: I’m calling this scenario “working as designed”. After some time further exploring and practicing with snap points, drawing, and dragging, what is occurring in this scenario is that the shape is snapping to nodes on a line and midpoints between nodes. When the target lines coincide with grid snapping points, the grid snapping points appear disabled by design when dropping the drag object on the target line.

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