Snapping Problem v1.4.01

Objects will not snap to grid unless “Snap to Objects” is also selected. This occurs on my Win10 machine regardless of zoom level.

I will ask the developers to clarify, but I believe this is the default behaviour.

‘Snap to Objects’ must be enabled in order activate the ‘Snapping Tool’, which changes the cursor as you hover over snap points on an object.

Without the Snapping Tool enabled you have no means of selecting a snap point on an object, which is a prerequisite to dragging and snapping that object to the grid.

Note: If you drag an object by it’s centre handle, you can snap it to the grid when only ‘Snap to Grid’ is active and you hold down the Ctrl key, and when in Node Edit mode, individual nodes can be snapped to the grid only.

When creating an object, the snap behavior works. When dragging an object that was created previously, the cursor location will snap to the grid, but unless you have Snap to Objects enabled, the cursor won’t snap to object points, making it close to impossible to snap those points to the grid.

Thanks for the reply. May I suggest that snapping in general be a topic presented at the Lightburn conference. I think many people would be interested.

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