Snapping sound in machine

I have A CO 2 laser 150 W.I will attach a short video to explain what I mean, but when I’m running my machine I hear a snapping sound down under in the electronics and the laser flashes a quick blue light.

Your anode wire is arcing somewhere. It will make a pop and temporarily short out the tube so no beam. Or, it can short itself to ground permanently.

The LPS probably could have an arc inside it, too.

So how is this fixed?

Anode wire arcing usually means the wire is arcing to the case somewhere. There will be a carbon trace somewhere along the wire or at the anode connection to the tube where it arcs. With the power supply off and drained, you clean and insulate the area. Well, replace or clean the anode wire, and add some additional silicone tubing along it.

It’s also possible the wire is losing connection temporarily and arcs itself back closed when it does. I’'d expect this to be much more intermittent, more off then on, but it’s possible. This would likely be a prob where the wire connects to the tube anode. Again, with LPS off and drained, inspect the connection from the wire to the anode.

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