Snapping to center of rectangle or circle that has been converted to path

I had some time last night to play with the new snap enhancements. And I really like the way it behaves now. But I have a question. When I draw a rectangle or circle I can snap the a corner node or center of the rectangle to the center of another rectangle or circle.

But if I convert the rectangle or circle to path then I lose the ability to snap another object to the center of the converted to path shape. I can still snap to the corners or line mid points.
But LightBurn still knows where the center of the converted to path shape is since I can use the align centers function to snap to the center.

Not a big problem since I can still do what I want with the align command, but it just seems inconsistent that the center snap location disappears when the primitive becomes a path.

I can add code to make it handle snapping to the bounding box center of anything, but at present it does not do that.

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This would be a great tool. Could really use node snapping myself.

It’s done already, and in the next release. We’re likely going to do a small one shortly to clean up a few last things with the previous one.


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