Software can not find Mophorn Laser

All is hooked up, I use the Rudia option and…nothing, can’t find my Laser Printer.

Drivers are FTDI CDM Driver pack

Any Ideas would be appreciated


DSP CONTROL SYSTEM is what is gives in the description

Sorry but I am not following. Did you try the ‘Find my Laser’ option when setting up the device?

AUTO DRAW 2.3.5 is the furnished software

Yes. It searched for a few sec and a blank screen appeared with the back option as the only available choice

I have never heard of Auto Draw before and not sure what DSP controller it is associated with.

I would recommend reviewing this to see if you can recognize the panel in your machine:

There is a good chance it is proprietary and we do not support it. We support the Ruida and Trocen AWC DSP types.

Shenzhen RuiDa Technology Co.,Ltd (Ruida DSP) FOR BOSS LASERS

Thats my control panel

Shenzhen RuiDa Technology Co.,Ltd (Ruida DSP) FOR BOSS LASERS

That is what my panel looks like

I’m not clear on if you already did: try installing this driver:

Then run Find My Laser again.

not done and i am computer stupid lol what to do

I don’t understand whether you have installed the drivers I linked or not. You need to do that.

not done, will it interfear with my other program?

It’s just a USB driver. It won’t interfere

ok I am on it. BRB. Separate computer in the garage

Ok downloaded but not installed. Cant find the spot for it to be installed.

did you download the zip file or the exe file?

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zip file, unzip and now i dont know

Nevermind they are both zip files. Download this. Right click it and click extract all. Then double click the CDM21228_setup.exe file.

I’ve got a task on my list to add the FTDI drivers to the LightBurn installs for Windows. They’re needed by quite a few lasers, and harmless to everything else, and should make things smoother in general.

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