Software check for updates not working on Manjaro Linux

A little concerned here. I have just purchased a licence but I am running Manjaro and the check for updates doesnt work so my licence is already effectively frozen in time. I have another pc I am going to use in my workshop to actually run whatever laser I eventually purchase but am now concerned which version of linux to install on it. Is there a known Linux distro in which the software update checker works.?

64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 16+ or Fedora 28+, anything else may not work as intended).

As far as I understand Linux is only officially supported on Ubuntu 16 and Fedora 28, quite old releases. I don’t know if the update checker works on those releases but I’d assume they do.

There’s nothing preventing you from simply downloading and installing the latest version even without the checker, however.

All releases are posted to GitHub:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

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Have you seen the posts about installing libssl v1.0?

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