Software compatibility

I just started with Lightburn. I have my software set up on two computers. One in my office for creating and one hooked to my laser for production. I created a small Christmas ornament in my office and it came out fine. However, when I move it to the machine computer everything is inverted. I rearranged all the materials and it lasered fine. But after saving it on my laser computer, I tried to bring it up on my office computer and again everything was reversed. I’m assuming there is a setup switch which is different in the two machines. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.

You likely don’t have the device origin point set the same in both versions. That is basically a mirroring switch. Go to Edit > Device Settings and check which corner you have as the origin point. Both programs should be set the same - since you have a Ruida, it’ll be the corner that your laser homes to.

Thank you. That was the solution.

After getting the two setup with the same machine settings, I also like to keep “default” LightBurn files with nothing in them but maybe outlines for the max size material my laser can handle. This way every project starts with an already setup configuration. I either copy the default.lbrn file to the working folder and rename it or I open the default and immediately saveAs with the project name.

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