Software/controller issue unsure which

i have a red/grey 4040 chinsese engraver with ruida controller.
All items placed on workspace in lightburn are getting promts saying out of bounds, when i set laser posiion it goes opposite corner of where i clicked it to go and laser head is banging into all the walls, items grouped together and space equally apart are correct in preview but laser into each other and offset by at least 1/2". I typacally only laser on square wood for example 10"x10" etc. and make 10"x10" outline squares in lightburn and fit all images and text within those perameters.Now when i i frame a 10" inch square it only frames 10" in the Y axis and only 5" in the X axis.
i appologize if what i wrote is hard to understand but i dont know how to explain it in writing
and i will admit that a few times in the past i was in a rush to finish projects on time ;and i may have input something along the way that changes outcome but i have always been able to backtrack and fix problem with help from facebook groups and lightburn forum.
i really appreciate your time and patience.

Hi, have you checked the ‘device settings’ top of page (spanner and screwdriver) ‘origin’ should be selected to where ‘home’ is on your machine (bottom left or top right etc) and check you have the bed sizes correct in ‘working size’ to the left of ‘origin’.

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