Software for fiber laser

Hello, i used the search bar but i haven’t found recent topic about lightburn software for fiber laser
Do you have any good news about this or do we have to wait a long time ?
Do you plan to develop a board or only software.
I plan to buy a fiber laser but i still don’t know which model to buy. Mopa ? Standard ? 2,5D?
It Can dépends on your answer too :wink:

We would like to support fiber systems, if it is possible., but nothing to report publicly, at this point.

Others have expressed the same interest, so you can add your vote here :slight_smile: : Lightburn for Fiber Lasers · LightBurn


If we were to buy a fiber laser would you recommend requesting a 64-bit upgraded board that can run excad 3 or would the 32-bit be fine?

It’s unlikely that EZCAD boards will be supported. We’ve tried to work with them and they actively refuse to help in any way, and their software and driver appear to be designed to make them hard to interface with.

We are in contact with a couple of other hardware vendors who make galvo controllers, who seem willing to work with us, but we’re still negotiating there, so it’s going to be a while yet.

We’re hoping for something that is a drop-in replacement for BJJCZ hardware so it’ll be easy for end users to swap.

Thanks for the info. If you guys are seriously thinking about jumping into the fiber game then I won’t worry about dishing out extra for ezcad 3 and the more expensive board.

Hello, thank you for your answers.

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Man oh man that would be great! Count me in 110% when(hopefully) the time comes!

There is (only) one way to guarantee your vote is counted… :wink:

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