Software Interference?

Since I uploaded LightBurn, I’ve had to set up my CNC router each time I open it. Do they interfere with each other? I’m using Carbide Create.

LightBurn might try talking to the CNC Router but it shouldn’t push settings or mess with a set up.

That said, USB ports are dynamically assigned so you might have to point LightBurn at the correct COM port. After LightBurn takes a COM port to talk to the xTool D1, the COM port number for the CNC router may be different. You may also have to point Carbide Create at another port.

Does the Controller on the CNC router also rely on the CH340 driver like the xTool D1 Pro does?

I have no idea how to do that. Lol!
And I’m not sure how to check which driver they rely on???
Sorry I couldn’t answer your question!

That’s ok… :slight_smile:

The documentation for the CNC Router would likely tell you which Driver you’d need. I already know the xTool D1 Pro uses the CH340 driver.

In LightBurn, If you open the Laser window and click the middle button in the Bottom row, you’ll probably see COM3 and COM4 or another couple of numbers depending on what was connected to the computer and when.

The CNC router probably speaks a GRBL type language, so select the COM port and then open the Console window and see if LightBurn is talking to your xTool D1 pro or if you get a different and more interesting hello from your CNC Router.

I think you’d get both.

Gotcha! Thank you! I’ll check it out!

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