Software issue I think

Have a K40 on smoothiware, set up to landscape A4, same in lightburn, when I click left the head goes left, right and right, down comes towards me top away so happy BUT it won’t home? Or if I put an image on the desktop it does not replicate that on the laser so two issues. Any help please

“But it won’t home”?

All LightBurn does is send the home command (G28.2 XY) - Smoothieware takes it from there, so if the board isn’t homing, it’s a configuration issue of some kind.

What kind of image? (vectors, or a picture?) What settings did you use? Have you ever run the laser before? (I’m trying to figure out if it works elsewhere and just not in LightBurn, or if you’re brand new to this)

Brand new, had standard K40 then added a gtech board with a middleman, stepper on X axis packed up so replaced and now lead runs x axis not through middleman.
Not set lightwave effectively but it picks up the smoothie software, and sizes are same in both, the green and red dots are at the bottom left,

It was just a square box then got it to frame it, it didn’t frame it where the image was placed on the desktop.
The other issue it it does not home

If it doesn’t home, nothing else is likely to work properly because the board doesn’t know where it is, so I suspect the homing issue is the cause of the other one. I do not know what a ‘gtech board with a middleman’ is, but if it runs Smoothieware you should be able to get it to home, assuming it’s wired and configured properly. Do you know which version of Smoothieware you’re running? (there is a CNC build and a 3d printer / other build - you need the CNC one).

The thing is it’s not homeing at the right end, I have swapped it from what I see in Lightburn but still goes to front left to home I need it rear left

As I said, LightBurn just sends the command - everything else is handled by the controller, including the direction.

The Smoothieware config file has a section called Endstops, and in there are alpha_homing_direction and beta_homing_direction - setting those to home_to_min means move to wherever zero is. Setting them as home_to_max means moving to the maximum end, away from zero. You also have to set alpha_max and beta_max to the X and Y size of your machine.

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