Software License Expire

I Had purchased a license for Light Burn with a Year support and updates.
There after Licence would continue to operate with the option to renew it for updates and support.

Well the software provides a message that License has expired but also disable software, making it un-usable.

How do I rectify the problem
Thank you
Paul Swart

What version are you using? Download our latest witch is 0.09.07 from here:

There was an issue for some of our users that was resolved with version 0.09.05 as discussed here:

I’m running 0.9.07, my license just expired, and I can no longer save RD files - please advise, I’ve a got a job in the pipeline that needs to go out soon.

Your ability to save .rd files should not have been impacted by the license expiry. The software will continue to work as it always had, the only thing different is that you will not be able to update LightBurn as new versions are released.

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