Software not communicating with hardware

Hello, I’m running a sain soft 3018 pro with engraver and laser. For some reason light burn and the hardware aren’t communicating. I’m running windows 10 and using com port 3 which works for the engraver. When I start light burn the hardware will make some noise and that’s about it. Please help.

There’s really not a lot of detail to go off of here - it would help if you can provide more details, pictures, screenshots of your LightBurn Window, and a video of the issue happening.

Do you see anything in the console when it connects? When it makes some noise, that would generally indicate some communication - it might be trying to home - does it have limit switches?

Ray, sorry about the lack of details. I tried the wizard and that didn’t work. I tried a manual setup and that didn’t work. Using GRBL for device. The only selection for port is auto which didn’t work with the carving software. I think that might be where the problem is?

I think if I could select port 3 it would work. Auto didn’t work for carving software had to select port 3 to work. Thanks for helping…

Ray, OK I’m up and running. Had wrong cable plugged in… Ughhh… Sorry about that. Just trying to figure out how to turn laser off. I saw some topics about the generic GRBL running all the time. I’m not sure what I need to do to upgrade from that so it will turn on and off with G0 commands?

As a starting point, check the settings listed in the “Short Version” listed here:

Those are the most common things that people get wrong when using a CNC device with LightBurn. Check those, and if that doesn’t help, let us know.

I’ve got it running now thanks!

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