Software Question about License

Hi, Im new here, I have a Co2 Laser Machine with a Controller Trocen AWC7813
But i dont really use the Direct connection “Pc connected to Trocen Controller”
I just use a Usb with a UD5 file saved and connect just the usb to the controller,
My question is , If i use only that way of working with my Machine, which Software do i need to buy?

Gcode License or Dsp License
sorry if its a dumb question, but i want to be sure wich one to buy

Thank you!

Trocen controller will require DSP license irrespective of connection type.

You may want to start out with the Trial to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The trial version is identical to the licensed version. Exact same capability. Only the license is different.

I already use it, the 30 Days Trial Version but unfortunately due to personal reasons, i waste alot of days without using it, But still love the program, thats why i wanted to know wich version buy, Alright So i need to buy the DSP license then, Thank you very much

Has you are already using the free trial LB, which option did you download?

If you have GRBL devices, like the ones in your profile, you need the GRBL Licence. If you have a Trocen like the one in the first post, the DSP licence is needed.

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