Software setup with Jtech 7W laser and X carve

The initial setup wants you to hook up a USB cable to your laser so it can scan and find your device. My laser does not have a USB connection. I also tried hooking up the X carve via USB and the software doesn’t recognize that either. What an I missing here???

LightBurn talks to your controller, not the laser module. The controller drives that, and on an XCarve it should be plugged into the computer with a USB cable.

What kind of computer system do you have? Have you used the X-Carve on it before? Are you running easel in the background? (that would prevent LightBurn from being able to talk to it)

I have a brand new HP laptop. Easel is NOT running in the background and I have the controller on. When I click on add device, I can hear the motors on the X carve click a few times and then everything just stops.

Have you used the X-Carve on this system before? If not, you might need a driver for it.

Been using it for the last year

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This is also a good resource.

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