Software suggestions/bug reports

What is the right way to report (possible) software bugs or feature requests?

  1. in this forum
  2. in the GitHub repo
  3. both

I’m new to LASERing and LightBurn but so far I found one issue/inconsistency with the LightBurn UI.
While some input fields (e.g. Move / Distance) require the comma ( , ) as decimal separator.
Others (e.g. object coordinates) expect the dot ( . )

I’m using the English localisation of LightBurn and Windows but the number format is German.
As it seems some controls use the localisation setting to derive the number format while others use the actual number format setting of the OS.
It should be one or the other but no mixture (the OS number format setting would be the most obvious choice :wink: )

Additionally I’d like to propose an enhancement of the Move interface.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the mouse wheel for longer jogs and a button click for more precise movements?
When you hover the mouse over one of the direction buttons (positive or negative) and then roll the wheel the respective direction could be jogged forward or backward depending on the direction of the wheel action.

It would also be nice if the step size of the spinners for distance and speed could not only be increased from the default 10 to 100 via the Ctrl key (maybe change that to Shift - see bellow) but also reduced to 1 (e.g. Ctrl) or even 0.1 (e.g. Alt).

There already is a “speed factor” feature for jogging via Shift (x10?), Ctrl (x0.1?) and Alt (x0.01?), but it would be great if the same modifier keys would have the same effect on the spinner resolution (i.e. move Ctrl means x0.1 while in the spinner it means x10).

(Also posted as Feature Suggestion)