Software updating and Boss Laser

Sorry if this is the wrong spot, I couldn’t find the info where I looked.

If you buy a Boss Laser with the now-included Lightburn software, do you have to pay for licenses/updates?

Or, if you own a Boss Laser and paid for Lightburn before the Boss partnership, can you convert to whatever the users who buy a Boss+Lightburn have?

Trying to figure out now that our license has run out if we’re paying for it again to get updates, or if new buyers are getting a better deal. Thanks!

The deal is identical, whether you buy from Boss or from us. The license comes with a year of updates included, and after that you pay a renewal fee ($30) to add the next year of updates if you choose to. The only difference between the Boss version and the standard is a bit of branding and a couple links to Boss resources in the menus.

Perfect thanks. Was just wondering before we pay renewal fee if it was included or not. Obviously we’re very happy with it and all your guys support on here!

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“It”? Not sure what you’re asking here.

Renewal/software. Rephrased: "before you answered, I was just wondering before we pay renewal fee if the software is included with new Boss Laser purchases for free/no fee or not. "

Ahh, understood. :slight_smile:

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