Software version question

I am new to woodworking and CNC’s, Laser engravers and such. I just ordered the Onefinity Woodworker CNC with a J-Tech 7w diode laser, but dream of moving up to a real Co2 laser in the future… I know I need the G-code (grbl) version for the J-Tech and the DSP version for the Co2 laser.

I see the G-code license can be upgraded to DSP later when I buy my Co2 laser but would it still work with the G-code diode laser if I upgrade to DSP version of lightburn?

And if so couldn’t I just buy the DSP version for $80 and start with the diode laser and not need to upgrade when I get the Co2 laser?

Either will work - The DSP version includes all the drivers for the GCode version, so if you’re sure you’ll be getting a DSP laser eventually you could start there - the price is the same if you purchase the GCode version then upgrade to DSP later.

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Thanks will buy it right away so I can learn it before the Onefinity arrives.

I as well have the woodworker and just got it assembled and up. I also got the jtech setup from them. I have no intentions at the moment of going bigger on the laser. Still not sure what version to buy. my trial has expired. I sent a email to extend it. I would just purchase it if I knew what i needed. ANy suggestions?

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