Software versioning

Maybe it’s just me but i don’t like the idea of having multiple different codes out there which all share the same major release numbering. i see this with other independent software vendors as well. i want to know that even the slightest change to software/firmware keeps the release version number but gets a new patch number. I totally understand the rational behind keeping the same version number, preventing many public patches an so, but I prefer patch numbering.

My two cents.

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Go to Help > Quick Help and Notes, and on the about page you can see the build date. That is unique per patch release so you can clearly see what you have.

The patch releases share the same major version number because the only things going in are fixes that should’ve been there in the first place, and no one would want the buggy prior version for any reason.

I agree with Squid on this, the versioning is a bit confusing.

I have been using Lightburn for a couple of weeks now and love it and the fact that it is under constant development and gets better every day.

But I think an easy improvement would be to adopt to semantic versioning. and make sure every patch/fix gets a version increment, not just a build-date.

I dont know how many times i now have got the notification that a new version, 0.9.09 is available for download… When I know I am already on that version… A bit confusing. I thought it was a bug at first before realizing that it was updates/fixes to the original 0.9.09 release.

And the 0.9.09 version was quite a large release aswell. It would have made sense to increase the major-version (or atleast the minor version) to show that, and not just the revision.

Anyways, no biggie, but it would make it even bettter :slight_smile:

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