Software won't engrave, but will cut


I have an xtool D1 pro 40 running GRBL controller. Yesterday, I had spent most of the day engraving and cutting patches, went to lunch, and came back to light burn not letting me engrave (laser head fan turns on for split second then off), BUT if I turned on the line layer for a cut, it runs fine.

This is a killer as its my only software for the business, and I’ve never encountered it so I’m unsure what to do. TIA!

Given that lightburn only issues known code to your controller is peculiar that you are having this issues


  • Can you share a screenshot of your lightburn and your engrave layer settings
  • When the engrave fails, do you get any error outputs in console?
  • does this happen on ALL projects or this particular one?
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Yessir, here’s a couple screenshots of when I try to engrave. This is the first time its happened, as a couple hours before it started everything was working perfect. This is the same file I was engraving prior, with no changes other than saving it, sleeping my computer, and coming back to reopen the recent project file.

Seems that as soon as I start the engraving job, the console gives an immediate message of “completed”

Maybe it was a corrupted file? I recreated it and it works now… odd. Thanks for the help though!

I thikn your machine is silently ALARM 2
Try this, go to Laser panel > change to Absolute coordinates just for the sake of testing. Still errors out

Also, 260mm/sec is like 15600mm/min could also be throwing errors on sensors?
seems very fast, for very low power. Are these just test settings?

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