Solved - Camera capture missing picture

(Mikael Ludwigsson) #1

I have calibrate a couple of times but when capture only a small part in the upper left will be displayed. Any suggestions? It have work before.
I use a Lightburn cam and windows 10

(Doug Fisher) #2

Are you sure you clicked the target numbers in correct numerical order?

(Rick James) #3

It is odd that you had it working and now you are having issues. I would suggest you start from the beginning of the setup procedure and follow the process exactly as described in the following video.

Please let us know your results and if you are still having issues, we can go from there.

(Mikael Ludwigsson) #4

I must have done something wrong. After the third configuration it works :eyes:.
Have a nice weekend with your lasers :sunglasses:

(Ray Kholodovsky) closed #5