Solved: Camera Not Updating unless movement happen

The camera was working perfectly for a while, then all of a sudden, the camera stopped updating the frame unless something major moved in front of it.
The camera is working perfectly outside the software but not in the software.
do you have any idea or suggestion to resolve this issue??

What does mean “something major”? Is it as big as a beetle? Or bottle? Does it really depend, how “big” the object is, or better how “fast” is? Do you have your computer fast enough for chosen resolution and refresh rate? What about make video window smaller size (the best - the original as it comes from camera)?

The issue was resolved by selecting “Default capture system” in the section “Camera Capture system” in the settings.
Thank you very much for your support

Hi Mohammed, I’m just an ordinary user like you. Not “the” support :slight_smile: Anyway, You are welcome.

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