[SOLVED] Can I combine two operations on one closed path? like C02 and C01

I have some text I need to change frequently.

[EDIT: It turns out I just have to double-click C02 (or similar) and I now have the option of making multiple operations at once. Problem solved - and Offset fill also seems like an interesting possibility]

At the moment I either have to first fill the text path on C02 and then select C01 to outline the text path, in effect having to run the same operation twice with different settings - or I have to copy the text path and place it exactly on top of the original text path, so I can have C02 on one text path and C01 on the other, so I can run it in a single operation.

Both options work, but both are prone to me making errors and ruining a piece of work if I forget to set the right settings for the second pass or if i misalign the two text-paths.

Filling and outlining the same text path seems to be a thing a lot of users will want to do, so I think that either a “Fill and outline” option in the dropdown would make sense - or a “Combine multiple cuts”-option in Cuts/Layers where one could select C02, C06, C01 etc. to run them in series.

That way, the only thing I will need to change in a larger production run, is the text itself.

But maybe something like this is already there, and I just haven’t found it yet?

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