SOLVED: Confused about Axis Orientation

I am trying to use my K40 (mini Gerbil) to create printed circuit boards. I have the print & etch process worked out, but I need to be able to fixture things so that I can move the board to my Taig mill for drilling and routing.

I would like to make a palletized fixture with locating pins on top to hold the board and on the bottom to index it into the mill’s fixture plate.

The problem that I have is that Lightburn (and the K40) have the 0,0 point at the upper left, and the mill (and all the CAD/CAM software I’ve ever used) have 0,0 at the LOWER left.

If I simply move the home switch on the K40 to the lower left and do whatever it takes in lightburn and grbl to get it to home that way, that would be a start. BUT what about Lightburn’s display with the origin being at the upper left? Can THAT be inverted as well?

I know I’ve spent too much time looking at this, and there ought to be a simpler way. ALL suggestions are welcome.

Well, THAT was easy! Unscrewed limit switch, hot glued it into new location, changed $3 from 1 to 3, changed Device settings ‘origin’ to lower left. DONE! I wish everything was this easy.

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