Some Camara help please

Just about to buy a 500 x 300 50 watt blue and white off Ebay at the end of the month I want to install the lightburn camera. have read though the FAQ but as I don’t have the machine yet I cannot measure

Can some one with one suggest what degree lens I will need as will pre order the camera as its got to come from across the pond. so I can set every thing up together.

with the camera once calibrated on a adjustable bed will I have calibrate every I move the bed sorry if this has been asked before.

thanks for responses in advance

Unless someone here has the exact machine you’re getting and can measure for you, I’d wait. “Blue and White” describes the paint - there are quite a few different machines that are blue and white, with different physical variations.

For calibration, you should only need to do it once. The camera is aligned to the focal plane of the laser, so if you raise or lower the bed, as long as the top of the material is still at the same height you don’t need to re-calibrate.

thanks for that will wait till my machine is all set up and order

where do i get the calibration sheet from as does not say in your video.

If I remember correctly, when you start the routine from within LightBurn, at the appropriate point, the software window will give you a link to click on if you need the file.

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This is true. And also it definitely says in the video. It’s even highlighted in red. :confused:

must have missed that bit well today is the day my machine arrives if the tracking is correct and DHL delivers. Now I just have to hope the create fits through the office door then that its the right spec and then I can upgrade the software to DSP version and order the camera.