Some fun Signs for friends

Nothing spectacular, but I made them for my family and some friends.

This is a triangular shaped sign for a desk. His name is on the other side - told him when things get hectic turn the sign so they see this side.

Gave this to my daughter in law after she gave us a 2nd grandchild.

Gave this one to my sister as she usually has the holiday meals at her place.

Made this one for a business that’s right near my shop. Figured he could use one LOL

Made this for my grandson, he’s really into dinosaurs


Forgot one. Haven’t put a finish on this one yet and it still needs sanding. Put some curly que’s on the frame as an experiment. Came out OK.

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Nice work LeoG!
All clean and beautiful works. Keep up the good work!

Great stuff. :grin:

Made some Recipe “cutting boards”. It’s only Maple veneered 1/4" plywood so they are only for decoration. Gave this one to my daughter in law.

And this one for my house.

The typing came out small so I decided to write out the recipe
myself and burn it. The burn is done but it’s currently in the spray
room with one coat of finish on it waiting for the 2nd coat.

Burn is with my Ortur 5.5w laser running 800mm @ 90% power with a crosshatch burn

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Made an emoji box for my 4 year old grandson. My wife says his mad face looks just like the emoji LOL

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And I had some colored plexiglass in the shop so I tried my hand at burning that. Came out unexpectedly nice. The plexiglass burns white, which is weird.

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Here’s the spaghetti sauce recipe written out by hand, pretty much says the same thing, a few small modifications. No room for the little picture sadly. But I think it looks much better than the typed out version.

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please… i’m italian… can’t see that “spaghetti sauce”… this recipe here doesn’t exist…
please… if you want i can give you the “ragu” recipe :wink:

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It’s the Polish version. :sweat_smile:

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