Some .lbrn show thumbnail image some show LB logo

I started opening and saving my LB files that I had created already. Most of them show a thumbnail image of what the project look like but some still just show the LB logo. Any idea why?


  • Which version of LightBurn? (0.9.09 didn’t include images, 0.9.10 does).
  • Is there anything in common with the contents of the files that aren’t showing up?

It is 0.9.10 ( I mentioned that some work and some don’t). Nothing that I can detect as far as commonality. I can send a file if you need one.

Here is a screen shot of part of a folder showing what I mean.


Is it possible that the files only showing the logo were saved with a version prior to v0.9.10? If so they wouldn’t have the image preview available in the file. All you’d have to do to fix that is open the files in the latest lightburn and re-save the file.

If you open the lbrn file in something like notepad, the second line will tell you what version saved the file:

<LightBurnProject AppVersion="0.9.09" MaterialHeight="0">

I really do appreciate the help you guys are giving. I really, really, do. I say that before saying, please read my first post. I stated “I started opening and saving my LB files that I had created already.” I am using version 0.9.10 to open and re-save my files I’ve created in the past. I have Lightburn open as one window and windows explorer open in a window next to it. I’ve even opened and re-saved the ones that did not create the image thumbnail, multiple times. I also do a manual refresh of the folder when one does not show a image thumbnail.

Here is a screen shot of one of the files I showed in the screen shot.



I did, and I was mainly confirming exactly what you meant. As I wasn’t sure you had opened and re-saved every file in question.

Could you possibly upload one of the files that does not have a working preview? This would help us diagnose if it’s a problem with the file itself, the preview system, or something specific to your machine (if, for some reason, we cannot replicate the issue on our end).

Here ya go…

marriage - one person right 10x9.lbrn (2.8 MB)
tile - snow high res da gimp 6x6 300.lbrn (571.1 KB)

For whatever reason, these files do not display a preview for me either - I’ll dig in and see if I can figure out why.

For what it’s worth, I’m resurrecting my issue.

I also cant see a preview after resaving older files. Also not for files created from scratch with version 10

I have WIndows 8.1

This is fixed. There was an error inside the thumbnail viewer code that would sometimes fail when trying to find the thumbnail in the LightBurn project file.

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