Some new user observations

I am a new user to LB and I am enjoying it tremendously

But - yes always a but – I have a few annoyances that I need to get of my chest.

  • I use 4K monitors - both on my PC and laptop - so I’m used to icons being small. But can I suggest that the layer color toolbar resizes together with icons? (Settings -> Toolbar Icon Size)
  • Can I suggest a minor UI tweak in the icon for locked/unlocked aspect ratio? It’s almost impossible to tell them appart. You could either color unlocked red or maybe just remove more of the curve so there’s a bigger gab when unlocked?
  • Not sure if it’s a laptop problem only but I often have issues with selecting objects - could be LB is detecting mouse moves during selection click and hence ignoring the selection request?
  • My last item could definitely be my own error/ignorance but when you are doing ‘something’ (i.e. creating a new rectangle), you draw the item and then go to the fields to adjust something; then the shortcut keys don’t work – i.e. you can’t press Esc to step back to active selection and subsequently the selection tool.

I think that’s it for now :sweat_smile:

Thanks for listening


Both of these are already in the next release.

“Issues” is not descriptive enough - where are you trying to click the object? If you are using filled rendering mode, you still have to click only the edges of shapes. There is also an adjustable setting for this:

The reason for this is that ‘Esc’ isn’t a shortcut in the normal sense, like ‘Ctrl (something)’, and it needs the edit window to have keyboard focus for it to work. If you click away from the edit window into a text edit field, Esc means something in that text edit control. You have to click back to the edit window to give it the keyboard focus.

Thanks for a quick response!

ok, will look forward to next release :slight_smile:

I will give the selection tolerance a try - must have missed that parameter.

ok, understand the “leaving main window” predicament. Is there a way to get back to “that” using the keyboard? (=more keyboard, less mouse)




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