Someone with LightBurn+K40+K40 Whisperer?

Tomorrow I will get my new K40; have been unsing a CNC Diode one for a time, and I think LightBurn is my program. In my CNC I have an external controller, so I exported all me burn-files to GCode, saved to a SD and burn withput computer.

I know LB can not be used on stock K40, and have seen that K40 Whisperer can read and sent GCode files.

Until I save money to buy another controller for the K40, my idea is to save from LB to GCode and run it on Whisperer.

Has someone used this “combo”?

I guess that whisperer and/or K40 ignores GCode power-changes, as the power is really changed in the button panel, and not by software. Am I right?

The K40 doesn’t use Gcode.

Whisperer can import SVG files you export from LB.

Not K40, but K40 Whisperer does, translates the GCode to “k40-code”, so, it is “the same”

Here you have it:

What is your question about LightBurn?

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But why?

K40W works with vector files - why the heck do you want to put unnecessary extra steps in the middle?

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I have a controller that uses GCode, and so I will not need a computer attached to the K40

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