Something has changed in updates

I have been using Lightburn with an eliksmaker Laser no problem for 8 months. I would create my artwork, use the positioning eyedrop tool, to check that everything was positioned correctly. I would then move the positioning icon to outside my artwork (top left), then click Frame… It used to accurately indicate where the burn would take place, I would then click start, it would burn, and then return to the start position!. Something changed in one of the updates… When I hit frame, the laser moves to a totally different spot, bumps into the far side, and sticks on the side, and the goes to some other position bumps into the bottom, moves up and stops. I cannot see anything that I have done that has changed to this happening…
I now have to waste lots of time trying to get this laser to simply work, and burn in the right spot!

My settings
Job Origin: is in the Top Left position

I dnt work on this thing every day…

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