Something weird going on

Ok guys, I have never experienced anything like this before. The laser is moving around, jumping from word to word, scanning parts then going to another section, it eventually finished the whole thing but wow! What’s going on? As you’ll see in the picture of the settings, I have it set to scan all shapes at once, and the flood fill selected. Is the flood fill being enabled causing this?

Video here:

Yeah, turn off flood fill.

Thanks! I saw it going crazy and thought my controller had a massive brain fart or something! LOl

Flood Fill takes into account the ‘Fill by …’ setting. If you have ‘Fill Shapes Individually’ it will flood fill one letter or shape at a time and move to the next one, which makes it less jumpy. If you have ‘Fill all shapes at once’ then it builds a flood fill out of the entire job, and may bounce all over the place looking for its next move. Not recommended for use on complex shapes.

That makes sense, thank you.

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