Sorry, I have created multiple contacts Bernd Regular
November 8


not you or also you are a fishmann?

Having 2 accounts does not have to be a bad thing, but using two accounts at the same time is unfortunate, in my opinion.

I received the above, please forward my message below.

Yes, I am only one entity, was not meaning to cause issues. I use multiple email addresses as filters; sorry that you were caught up in one.

Please retain and remove the other(s).

Again, my apologies,



Thank you for reporting this. We will be making this adjustment for you tomorrow?

Hi @fishmann

I’ve done what you requested, but probably in the opposite direction from what you wanted, seeing as how this account, fishmann, contained all but one of your previous posts. You can change the username or email address under this account through your forum profile, or have us do it by emailing

And with that, you should be all set.

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