Sorry to repeat/bore but Issue but my engraving is sent upside down

Hi Please attached pictures of my settings, but the project comes out in reverse at the business end ?

80x vevor rudia

Thanks in advanceDSC_0285 DSC_0286 DSC_0287

Are you sure that your home position is left bottom?

For DSP controllers, the Origin dot should match the corner your machine homes to when you first power it up.

So if I restart everything after changing the settings all should be well?

You shouldn’t even have to restart, but yes. The machine origin setting acts like a mirror control. If you change it, anything you have loaded will get mirrored, but you can clear the loaded file and re-import (or select it and use H or V to flip horizontal or vertical).

Hi Guys What ever settings I try the project burns in every direction apart the one I require ?

thanks In advance KB

There are only 4 settings. Choose one, then burn a sample that is non-symmetrical, like the letter F. When the F on your screen matches the one that comes out of the laser, you have the right setting.

Changing the origin dot also flips whatever is currently loaded, and will cause any LightBurn project files that you load to mirror as well (if they weren’t stored with that same origin setting). Importing new artwork from AI, SVG, DXF, or image files will flip all of those properly to the new orientation.

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