Sorting elements in the project

What program do You use to sort elements in the project?
So that as many elements as possible fit?


A colleague of mine uses a program from . I was astounded at all the elements it could nest into a given space. My colleague creates a bunch of SVGs for various projects and then turns this SW loose on organizing it. I’m not sure what it’s output is, but it’s sufficient to source into a basic CAM program for his needs. It might be worth a look.

I don’t do enough of anything to worry about optimizing, but this sure looks useful to someone who does…

LightBurn does not currently provide “Nesting”, which is the name of what you are after. You do have tools to create an ‘Array’ of shapes within LightBurn that may do what you need, so I share this video showing how that works:

Additionally, read this for a current (2 weeks ago) development status for adding true nesting and 3rd-party alternatives.

Here is a hack when you don’t have a lot of different pieces to layout.

  1. Decide on the amount of space you want in between your parts.
  2. Take one part, and create an offset to the outside that is 1/2 of the space you chose in 1.
  3. Set the outer offset to layer T2.
  4. Group the 2 shapes.

Repeat steps 2-4 for all of your shapes. When you want to “nest” them. Drag and rotate the parts to their approximate location. Then use the arrow key combinations to move them by “eyeball” so the layer T2 reference lines touch, or get “close enough”. I have my “nudge” keys set to 0.01, 0.0010, and 0.020 - See attached LBRN file. It’s a hack, but it’s pretty easy to nest things approximately.

Optimize.lbrn (38.3 KB)