Sounds like binding or skipping in Y direction

I just downloaded the latest version of the software. Since the installation, my Ortur is now sounding like it is binding in the Y direction. There i no binding, I have tightened the belts and my frame is square. If I run it in GBRL program no issues

When does it sound like this? What exactly is happening at this time?

The sound you’re describing sounds like motor skipping. If that’s the case, then it’s likely you have speed settings far too high.

In lightburn I’m using the move tool. If I use GRBL it does not happen

What is the speed setting for Move controls?

6000 mm/m is whats it set to

Try reducing the speed to 600 mm/m. Does the noise persist? If no, continue to increase until the noise is reproduced. If yes, then likely something else. At what speed do you end up seeing the issue?

Normally you’d expect the laser to be able to move at that speed without issue. The speed at which this occurs could provide some insight into root cause.

Have you changed any GRBL configuration on this machine?

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