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I cannot reply to this topic Gcode from offline controller crash but I have a similar problem.

OctoPrint with Marlin FW ignores all movements provided as
G1X-0.614 Y0.824 F5000
but works fine with
G1 X-0.614 Y0.824 F5000

I cannot find the setting to add space after G0 and G1 command. How can this be achieved from LightBurn?

Thank you

There is no such setting unfortunately. Spaces are optional according to the GCode standard, and they consume bandwidth and file size, so LightBurn does not emit them.

Marlin itself does not have an issue with the lack of spaces, correct?

Hello everyone

I have the same problem, since I can use my Ortur LaserMasterPro via Octoprint with the “Better Grbl Support” plugin.

As soon as I start a “print”, I have error messages that the Gcode cannot be shared.

However, as soon as I add the spaces as described above, it works wonderfully.

Is there any way to automatically insert these spaces?


There isn’t a way to do this at this time.

Can you fix this in the next version of Lightburn?

There was another topic on this where this was discussed. Worth reviewing. Quick summary, this is a problem on the Octoprint/add-on side.

I’ve added spaces after G0 / G1 for the next release.

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You softie… :grinning:

Great, thank you!
When is the next release coming?

When it’s ready. :slight_smile: (hopefully relatively soon)

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